To Whom It May Concern at KFC Headquarters:

I have a few choice words I'd like to use such as "what the heck" and "are you kidding me?" but I'll save those for now and get right to the important matter at hand. I'm not asking for a miracle here, KFC, nor am I asking for something outrageous. My request just might actually make you money if you play your cards right. As a matter of fact, I know that I'm not alone in this argument, and I hope that you read this message with sincerity and concern.

I come to you today to request that you bring back the original Chicken Little sandwich. I'm not talking about those Snackers that impose upon a staple sandwich of the '80s. I want the real deal. We all want the real deal.

Although I appreciate you attempting to bring back the Chicken Littles, the recipe is just not the same. KFC's slogan alone is wrapped around "Original Recipe," yet I can taste the difference. Yes, they are still delicious, but I'm looking for that edge, that significant difference, that zesty originality that I once fell in love with. I want to feel those feelings again; it's only fair, since I've been a loyal customer since I could walk.

There's no doubt that your macaroni and cheese game has been strong for years. You never changed that recipe, so why change the taste of those delectable Chicken Littles?

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not alone on this manifesto. I'm simply voicing my opinion about something that's been bothering me for a while. Right now, on Facebook, there are nearly 4,000 people who feel the same way that I do. Someone at one point of time was as fed up as I am now and decided to create a Facebook group that sparked a band of brothers. A group of people who, like myself, also wish to bring back the original masterpiece Chicken Littles. We are all aware that your newest creation is nothing but a lie to a little chicken sandwich that had big appeal.

If you visit the group "Help Bring Back KFC's Chicken Littles Sandwich," there are numerous arguments that should be brought to your attention.

You told the world that you brought back Chicken Littles, but in reality, all that you have done is just place a leftover piece of crispy boneless chicken between a sesame seed bun (the original did not have sesame seeds) and called it a day. Well unfortunately for your customers and fans of the restaurant, that just does not fly.

If you truly think about the bigger picture, is it THAT difficult to bring back a KFC classic? I can strongly assure you that your fanbase will not be disappointed if you made this happen. After all, who knows if this will even reach anyone in HQ? I just knew I had to try. All it takes is one voice to make a difference and I'm using my voice, today, in hopes that you'll understand my—no, our pain when it comes to your Chicken Little sandwiches.

Thank you for your time,


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