Whoa!  What's this delicious looking treat you ask?

It's a zeppole!  It's been a tradition for me as far back as I can remember to have a zeppole on St. Joseph's Day!  I'm 50% Italian, and it's an Italian thing.

If you're wondering what a zeppole is made of, I'll tell ya!  It's a fried dough pastry filled with custard or cannoli-style pastry cream.  The consistency of a zeppole is usually light and puffy, and it is delicious!

Every year I make it a point to stop at a bakery and get some for me and my husband. This year is a little different.  One, we moved, so I need to find a new bakery in MA to get zeppoles.  (We used to get them in RI.) Two, I really want Michael and Larry to try a zeppole because they have never had one.  So they pretty much have to be the best zeppoles ever, so they know that I'm having them try a yummy treat!

Which bakery do you think has the BEST zeppoles for St. Joseph's Day?