The wait is finally over.

Yes, the rumors are true. The newly-relocated Lebanese Kitchen in Matapoisett is open, but not running at 100 percent just yet. The Moujabber Family wants to make sure that the community and Lebanese food connoisseurs are getting the best experience when they visit, so they are taking the approach of a soft opening in order to perfect the restaurant's business.

Unlike fast food, the family-owned restaurant takes pride in their cooking and knows that each dish takes time to prepare--so rushed food is out of the question. Point being, if you plan on eating at the Lebanese Kitchen, be prepared to not only wait a little longer for your meal, but to also receive a delicious one that satisfies every time. Trust me, I sampled a few dishes and was left speechless. It was that good!

If you're familiar with the old Mattapoisett Chowder House, then the layout of the restaurant hasn't changed much, but the Moujabbers did an outstanding job cleaning it up, making it presentable and most importantly, welcoming to all.

It's been a long time coming, but if you ever get the chance to drive up Route 6 towards Mattapoisett, do yourself a favor and check out the delicious flavor and decadent culture of Lebanon at the Lebanese Kitchen. While you're there, go ahead and try something you wouldn't normally try. I personally went with the Chicken Shawarma, the Fattoush (Lebanese salad) and the Baba Ghannouj.

How do you say "zero regrets" in Arabic?

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