Goodbye Shaw's, hello Ocean State Job Lot...or should I say, welcome back.

About a couple of months ago, construction began to unfold directly across the street from the new Southcoast Marketplace on William S. Canning Boulevard in Fall River.

The usual "I wonder what's business is going in next" started chirping about around town.

Not far down the street, about a quarter-mile on the right (if you're heading away from Tiverton) was the old stomping grounds in the Benny's plaza, where Ocean State stood open for years. With the larger location (the old Shaw's) available, the company decided to make the move, similar to the Fairhaven Ocean State Job Lot location.

Fun107 was offered the chance to take a quick tour of the new facility and let me tell you, it is huge. The numbers you see for square footage sounds like a lot, but it doesn't do the store justice. When you walk in, you're greeted by a huge selection of seasonal items to your left (mostly brand name stuff, too). When you walk through the store, you can see they have everything. From their huge selection of bird seed and pet food and supplies to their lawn care equipment and materials, the new Job Lot location is filled from wall to wall with quality products for great prices.

The store isn't just a bigger version of the old Job Lot, either; they have entire new sections that haven't appeared in the older stores. They have a huge section where you can buy rugs and carpets that are on par with the name brand stuff. Along with their new section for carpets and rugs, they also have an expanded section of groceries. While there is no frozen foods section, they carry mostly non-perishables. The grocery aspect of the store is a welcomed improvement.

We asked the management of the new location why they chose to go with such an excessively large location for a typically medium-sized store. The reason why is to satisfy the growing crowds of people that keep flooding in. The demand for more has been one that has been increasing over the years, and they figured it was about time to meet that demand.

The new Ocean State Job Lot in Fall River will be having there "soft opening" Friday, so be sure to beat the crowds and get there early. The soft opening is just the regular opening, but Fun 107 is going to be at Job Lot for the Grand Opening. We are going to be hosting raffles, playing music, and all kinds of other festivities to be celebrating the opening of the newly-opened store.

Stay tuned and check out our photo tour below:

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