Remember American Girl dolls? Well, you might want to rummage through the attic if you want to make a little extra cash.

Today's American Girl dolls range from $115 -$135 depending on whether it comes with the book and other accessories. According to, the classic dolls are selling for $800 and $1,200 on Ebay.

Some of the higher priced items on the site do come with multiple dolls, but the prices seemingly depend on when the dolls were retired from production and, of course, the condition.

The dolls were most popular in the 1980's and 1990's, but nostalgia is keeping their sales up. A rare American Girl doll can make you a good chunk of change, but personally, I'd rather keep a doll with so much history and memories behind it.

I always wanted an American Girl doll when I was younger, but never got one unfortunately.  However, if you do, maybe you'll want to cash in!  I'm no expert on collectibles, but they might be worth even more down the road. So the question is; to sell or not to sell?

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