If you're like me and you haven't been to the movies in a while because you can't see spending SO MUCH money on the tickets, popcorn and drinks when you can just stay home and watch your big screen TV and Netflix... this might just change your mind.

AMC in the Dartmouth Mall is selling $5 movie tickets every Tuesday from now until Halloween.

All you have to do is sign up for the free AMC Stubs program and let the saving begin.  I called the theater, and they said you can either sign up online or in person there.  They just need some basic info like name, address, email and birthday.

And if you were thinking... gee $5 tickets are great, but I can't afford to buy popcorn and soda.  They've got you covered too, because they will throw in popcorn and a drink for just $5 more!  With Netflix raising their rates maybe heading out for a movie is a good idea after all.

Now the only decision is Blade Runner 2049, My Little Pony or The Mountain Between Us?

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