I like to think of the kitchen as the heart of the home. I spend a lot of time in mine and most of the gathering happens around my kitchen table.

While the majority of peoples’ kitchens have the same idea (the fridge, the oven, the dishwasher), kitchens begin to diversify in the world of appliances, like types of toasters and coffee makers.

I am shocked to discover that some households do not keep their appliances out on the countertops, but instead, put them away after each use. I like a clean kitchen as much as the next homeowner, but I am far too lazy to put my appliances away every time. Am I the only one?

I will admit that I am not the cook of my household, but I know my way around the air fryer. Why jam it into a cabinet when it fits perfectly on my counter, kitty-cornered in the area of the counter that I don’t even use? Not to mention, I wouldn’t even know which cabinet to shove it in.

When a friend told me that she puts hers away, I had to know if I was the only one keeping mine out on full display. I had to know if I was breaking a cardinal rule of the kitchen without realizing it. I asked around the Fun 107 office and here is what I found:

  • Gazelle likes to “show off the goods.” From his perspective, he used to purposely leave them out for the ladies. It shows confidence that he is skilled in the kitchen.
  • Jackson believes that it depends on how often you use it. Toaster and coffee maker is daily, so why put it away? However, having aesthetically pleasing appliances is a must.
  • The coffee/espresso maker is the only appliance that Kristen will allow in sight.

After completing my survey, I evaluated myself. I currently have a coffee maker, a toaster, an air fryer, and a blender taking up space on my countertop. What can I say? I go for convenience.

What is your stance on this one? Do you leave your appliances out or store them out of sight?

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