Some are calling it a gimmick, but there seems to be talk in Tinseltown of making an all girl version of Ghostbusters.

With Ghostbusters 3 looking more and more unlikely, the studio behind the blockbuster films is still looking for a way to cash in with the fan base. And as The Hollywood Reporter discusses, making an all female reboot of the original might be the way they go.

Just this week Sony had narrowed their director search down to Paul Feig, the man behind Bridesmaids and The Heat. He has shown interest in the project, though no negotiations have begun and his film track record makes the all-girl theory that much more plausible.

The original Ghostbusters 3 script had to be revised following the February death of original cast member Harold Ramis. Sources say the new story introduces new Ghostbusters and features a few original GBs handing over the reins

Cameron Diaz in this. But what do you think?
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