Anyone who thinks that being tall is the best gift in the world has clearly never had their feet dangle off of the edge of the mattress.

"Get the California King," my friends would tell me, "That way your feet don't hang off." Well I'm here to tell you that a California King is nice and all, but not big enough for a guy of my stature.

Last week I tweaked my back pretty bad and part of the pain is caused by my mattress – which is sadly pretty new. Not only is it too small for me, but is also a bit too soft. My back needs something firm and what I have isn't quite doing the trick. That's when I began looking for mattresses and when I came across something called the Alaskan King, my jaw hit the floor.

This was by far the largest mattress I've ever seen and as far as the leg length goes, it puts the California King (72' x 84') to shame. In fact, I learned there are four sizes larger than the California King:

– Texas King, 80" x 98"

– Wyoming King, 84" x 84"

– Alberta King, 96" x 96"

– Alaskan King, 108" x 108"

Let that sink in for just a second; that's nine feet long by nine feet wide for the Alaskan. For larger families, this is absolutely perfect for you, but do you have space? According to, you'll need a room to be 16 feet-by-16-feet in order to have the "minimum" amount of space, as well as a budget of $3,000-$4,000.

Unfortunately for me, it's not only out of my budget but I also don't have the room. The fetal position has been my best friend since I sprouted these long legs and until the day I hit the lottery, I'll have to stick with this qQueen (60" x 80") for the time being. It doesn't help my back one bit, but does have me curious about how amazing it must feel to spread out as wide as possible on a mattress that feels as though it has no edge in sight.

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