I regularly make an idiot out of myself...but I hopefully don't always totally gross people out like I did yesterday. 

If you've been listening to us this week, you've heard us talking about how our company's CEO's and VP's were coming in for a visit yesterday. They were set to arrive around 12, have lunch with all of us, host a couple meetings, then jet out. I had an orthodontist appointment in between finishing the show and them arriving, but something happened that I was totally unprepared for.

At my ortho appointment, I ended up having to get some stuff done to my teeth that 1) took a little bit longer than normal so I was running late for lunch with the CEOs and 2) that left me with a mouthful of blood.*

I didn't have a ton of time to clean myself up once my appointment was done, so I hopped in the car and raced back to work. I texted a co-worker to ask if the bigwigs were in town yet and she said they hadn't gotten in. So I thought, 'Perfect. I have time to get it together.' The drive from my orthodontist back to the station is less than 10 minutes, so I come running into the station, planning to go right to the bathroom and make myself presentable...Only to open the door to my GM standing right there with one of the company's VPs. I am pretty positive I was introduced to this guy WITH A BLOODY MOUTH. I imagined it looked like the Snapchat filter with the vomit rainbow...except it was blood.

I didn't really have time to think about mortified I was until I got home later in the afternoon. To the VP...I AM SO SORRY.

*I'm doing an Invisalign treatment, and the reason I was a bloody mess was part of a totally routine and not big deal part of the Invisalign process. I just have weak gums. Not because my Orthodontist destroyed my mouth - she is amazing!!!




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