So I got away with my "sneaky" hiding technique on video for two weeks...And then everyone caught on. 

I mentioned in my blog about my first week on the Michael Rock Show, the Fun 107 studio is now outfitted with cameras. We each have a camera pointed at us, so we can share our mornings with you in a new way. Which I think is great...except I DESPISE being on camera, especially video. Mostly because it means I have to do my hair and stuff instead of rolling in here looking like a bum.

Last week, our engineer was here adjusting the cameras because Michael Rock messes with his about 489 times a day to get the perfect angle. Our engineer asked if I wanted to move mine to get a better view of my face, to which I responded with a firm 'HECK NO'. But then, Michael figured out we can zoom with the cameras so he had the interns zoom in on me. It was then that I realized I can move my microphone to block 85% of my face. I FELT SO SNEAKY!

Until...Everyone started catching on and commenting on our videos on FB.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.19.58 AM


Yes, you caught me. And now I feel like I can't keep using the microphone or other things in the studio to block my face. I blame Michael and Gazelle, who clearly LOVE being on video.

Cheers to everyone being able to be about two virtual feet away from me and all my awkwardness (and eye rolls, cause they are epic.)

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