Yesterday on Easter Sunday, Andrea Bocelli performed in Milan at the Piazza Duomo.

During these times of uncertainty and despair, Andrea’s performance represented a message of love, healing and hope to the world. As I watched him walk to the microphone stand, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude. So many people are gone or suffering from this coronavirus, so many have experienced the loss of someone they love. I feel thankful that I and my loved ones remain healthy and safe from COVID-19 right now.

Andrea says, ”Thanks to music, we will hug this earth's pulsing heart this wonderful international forge that is reason for Italian pride.”

Selena Gomez came out with a new song over the weekend and we all think it’s about, well ahem, The Weeknd himself. It’s called "Boyfriend," check it out.

Verse 2 in the song goes on to say,

"I could phone a friend, use a hotline or something
But that won't get the job done (Uh-uh)
'Cause every time I try (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Every time they lie (Uh, ooh-hoo)
I get a little anti you and me."

I feel like this is the only place within the entire song that she could be talking or thinking specifically about The Weeknd, but I'm unsure.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are still going strong and have married close to five years now. She, her son from her first marriage and Donnie are social distancing at their home in Chicago. I think that’s where Jenny does her Sirius show from and Donnie’s TV show Blue Bloods is also filmed in Chicago. They’re having fun on TikTok daily at this point and this one caught my eye:

Donnie wants all of his fans to know that he is with us.




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