February 18th, 2020: a date I will never forget.

It's a somber and rainy day in Fairhaven's Sconticut Plaza as Subway prepares to close its doors here for good. For over 20 years, the people of the SouthCoast have flocked here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all for the gratification of a five-dollar footlong.

Since 2010, I've been back and forth between the studio and the sub shop, every time comforted by the knowledge that each Subway Sandwich Artist knows my order by heart.

For 10 years I've been indulging on those delectable, gooey, oven-baked cookies; each time, reaching in my fanny pack where I keep my Subway Rewards Card safe and sound.

However, as difficult a pill it was to swallow, I stayed as strong as I could today as I placed my final order from the team of sandwich professionals.

I sat down to enjoy what felt like my last meal with my beloved neighbor as I reminisced about the good times we shared together.

As Winnie the Pooh might say to his friends, it's not "goodbye," it's "I'll see you later."

So as I walked out those doors for the last and final time, I could still hear that welcoming greeting like a whispered memory that was left lingering in a vacant space:

"Welcome to Subway."

As the old saying goes, as one door closes, another one opens. This, too, translates to the next chapter of Fairhaven Subway's journey. The store will be relocating to 19 Plaza Way in Fairhaven, next door to Staples where Hunger Heroes (and before that, D'Angelo's) once stood. The team expects to re-open the business sometime this spring, only a few months away.

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