With just a few days left until the 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K Race at U-MASS Dartmouth, I'm reminiscing on how much fun I had!

My buddy Josh and I each had a Go-Pro and filmed each other running the race. The results were awesome, especially on the inflatable obstacles! I also had a third eye up in the air on a drone for an even better viewing experience.

As fun as it was to run/jog the course, I had an even better time simply walking it. The video came out clearer and I got to spend more time on the obstacles, which by the way were ridiculously fun!

As I approached the last and final obstacle which was a three-story high (or possibly higher) slide, I felt a bit of accomplishment, but saddened at the same time. If given the opportunity, I would have ran the course again!

The U-MASS Dartmouth set-up was very easy, with one hill that was just approximately 20 ft. to get over, but other than that... it's smooth sailing with flat terrain.

Last, but not least, when you finish the obstacle course, feel free to venture over to the beer garden and enjoy a deliciously ice-cold Michelob Ultra! Keep an eye out for other venders as well, you never know what kind of goodies they're giving out.

Be sure to look up this year if you're participating in the 2015 event on Saturday, October 3rd, for the Go-Pro Drone and YOU could be featured in this years video! Final thoughts are this: Don't forget to stretch, stay hydrated and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!

If you're looking to be a kid again without the stress of competition or having to run the entire way, then the II5K is for you! See you in the giant blue ball pit!