Is it just me, or is a lot of music coming out of Australia right now? It's not every day I get sent a song that hasn't even made its way to our country yet. When I got it in my e-mail, I almost deleted it.

Since so much great music has been coming from Down Under, I thought I should probably give this song a try.

D Minor actually has one amazing story. From getting himself on Australia's Got Talent to bouncing from foster home to foster home, even being homeless at one point.

Now he is being tapped as one of Australia's next big stars. D Minor is his stage name and he gets a little help in the writing department from Conrad Sewell.

Zeek Power is a vocalist featured on the song and he is from Australia's version of The Voice. Lots of talent in this song.

D Minor kind of gives me Eminem vibes. Don't let me taint your thoughts going into hearing the song for the first time, though. Take a listen here in case you missed it on the air:

Pretty powerful stuff. You can absolutely hear that this guy has been through some tough times. He may not be as angry as Eminem but I definitely hear the conviction in his voice.

So, what do you think? Does this guy have a career in music ahead of him or what? Is this Aussie song worthy of being on the Fun 107 playlist, or is it totally whack?

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