Not only are is the Robertson family the rulers of the duck-call world, but they have slowly become the rulers of the reality TV world as well. For those of you living under a rock, they happen to be the stars of A&E's "Duck Dynasty", and apparently TV isn't the only place you could be seeing them this holiday season. 

Yes, a "Duck Dynasty" Christmas album, "Duck The Halls", is on the way. You can anticipate songs that include beards, hunting, fishing, gun-control, and camo references. We're also willing to bet that there will be a good amount of horrible singing as well.

Don't get us wrong, we really enjoy watching this family fish with explosives and solve easy situations is the most difficult redneck way possible, but a musical endeavor? That's aiming pretty high, Robertsons.

If you want, you can pre-order the album now. It officially hits stores October 29th.