Thanks to some serious research done by Caring.Com, we’re giving you even more excuses to eat chocolate!

It boosts your vision. Increase your ability to read light-colored words on light colored backgrounds and  improve your spatial memory all at the same time.

It with persistent coughs.  Need to feel better fast without the sleepy-time inducing side effects of cough syrup?   Hot cocoa has been found to work better than codeine to stop a cough.

It protects your skin.  There’s a reason spas and salons provide chocolate facials.  Chocolate high in flavonol increases blood flow and moisture in the skin, helping to keep skin healthier and better looking.

It helps your heart.  A 2011, the British Medical Journal found that eating chocolate cut the risk of various heart diseases by a third.  In moderation, you can help protect yourself from high blood pressure and diabetes.

To sample all the different ways to improve your health, be sure to check out our Women's Chocolate Affair on May 9 at Rachel's Lakeside!