The debate has gone on for years: is crispy or chewy the best kind of chocolate chip cookie?

My personal preference is chewy. There's nothing like biting into a perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookie with melted chips just oozing out of it.

So when someone inboxed me on Facebook and told me I missed National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day this past weekend, you can imagine how disappointed I was with myself.

I truly think my love for chocolate chip cookies came from my first bite into my aunt's famous recipe. She legit has the best chocolate chip cookies around and the method to her baking them is very particular. I recall her making several batches in one day just to perfect them.

Jackson/Townsquare Media
Jackson/Townsquare Media

Yes, the picture is of her perfectly-cooked cookies.

I know what you may be thinking, your aunt's cookies are not the best, you are just saying that. I can honestly say that her cookies have been taste-tested by friends of mine both on the SouthCoast and beyond, and everyone has the same reaction. Can she make me some? I'll pay her!

She really doesn't want to get into the cookie business, mostly because she doesn't have the time. Her cookies are generally only made for special occasions.

I requested a batch to make good for missing National Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I got a hard "it's summer, it's too hot for the oven" kind of answer. She does make them from scratch and I have asked for the recipe. Usually, the response is I just got one online, but we all know she tweaked it and added a little of the "love" factor to cooking them.

I would love to hear if your family has a cookie recipe that is to die for. Are they holding the recipe a secret?


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