Wendy's taco salad was a huge hit in the 90's and they were kind enough to bring it back! So what other things would want to return from the 90's?

After sampling some amazing taco salads in the office today, we started thinking about other awesome things from the 90's that would be great to see again.

For me, first and foremost would be NSYNC. Loved this group in the 90's and though they will be getting together again in a few months to celebrate their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...I would love an all out reunion tour! Who's with me?!?

How about Saturday morning cartoons? It's a bummer that there are so many networks, the need for your Saturday morning block of cartoons for kids is not needed on the major networks anymore.

caldor logo

Caldor! Before there was Target, there was Caldor. At it's peak this discount chain had nearly 150 stores, but went belly up in 1999. I definitely remember shopping there with my mother back in the day.

The phrase 'Coolbeans.' Not really sure if other people still enjoy using this one as much as I do, but I do and it would be nice to throw it out there without feeling a thousand years old!

Admittedly, there is plenty that has come back from the 90's and plenty that we'd want to stay back there where it is. But with the Wendy's Taco Salad making it's return...anything is possible!


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