If you've ever been anxious before, you know there's definitely some things that you DON'T want to hear from people!

Here's a list of 9 things you should NEVER EVER say to an anxious person. If you find yourself every saying this, just know that these things aren't much help!

Fort Worth Star Telegram, Getty Images

1. "Stop stressing!

There's stress, then there's anxiety. Know the difference, people!

2. "It's all in your head!"

Yes, yes it is! Which is why we have no control over it!

3. "Why don't you just pop a xanax?"

Indeed prescribed medication does help, but it's not always the only answer.

4. "What do you have to be anxious about?"

Hey, we all got problems!

5. "Have you tried yoga?"

It definitely works for some people, but not everyone!

6. "You're making me anxious!"  

Not trying to!

7. "Will you just relax?"

Yeah, like it's that easy!

8. "There are people who have real problems!"

It's not like I'm claiming I'm dying!

9. "You're a control freak!"

That's just not very nice.

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