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If you could take home a safe without knowing what’s inside, would you?

One Somerville homeowner is offering up a 700-pound safe to anyone who can get the thing out of his house.

A few months ago, Manoj Mishra moved to Somerville and purchased a home, discovering the safe inside of the second-floor closet. He is ready to move again, but this gigantic Mosler safe has become quite the heavy burden.

He took to social media and posted in a private group that whoever could lift it out of the house could have it and whatever is inside. The only catch is that the combination is unknown, and it weighs just as much as a fully-grown horse. Manoj and his friends have tried to crack the code, but it won’t budge.

It is first-come, first-served for this mysterious safe but getting it out of the house is the biggest hurdle. The safe is mainly a source of aggravation for Manoj, but now he finds it amusing as more and more people attempt to move this gigantic lockbox from the second floor and down his narrow stairwell.

Manoj tells WCVB, “The previous owner used to own a jewelry store, so I’m sure there is something” inside of the safe.

The plot thickens. The mystery of what could be inside is enough to make this story viral. Dozens of people have tried to lift the safe and all have failed.

I wonder if Gazelle, Michael, and I could do it. Imagine finding gold, money, jewelry, or a rare artifact. That would certainly take care of my college debt.

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