The oldest bar in New Bedford is the Wamsutta Club! The Wamsutta Club is a members only bar and eatery but anyone can become a member.

  1. The Wamsutta Club was originally founded for the baseball team, The Wamutta's in 1866, they gained licensing in 1932. They were also the first baseball club in New Bedford!
  2. The Wamsutta's would play against local teams from Cape Cod and surrounding towns in the game "rounders" or what we call baseball now.
  3. The club was formed of mostly Harvard graduates.
  4. Most of the clubs members started with creating the businesses in downtown New Bedford,
  5. Downstairs in the club is a classically styled bar and restaurant with all the vintage photos of the original Wamsutta baseball team players.
  6. No beer is served on tap from the bar.\
  7. ANYONE can become a member for about $1,500 per year.


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