When a taste of spring weather shows up in February on the Southcoast, so do these people. Have you seen them...or been them?

Warm weather means certain things on the Southcoast...snow disappears (if it even shows up), plants start to arrive and these people emerge.

  • Closeup portrait of woman with hands cupped under chin
    Closeup portrait of woman with hands cupped under chin

    Tank Top Girls

    After long winter months, having the sun hit your skin again is always a good thing.

    And there will always be the girl who is ready for the sleeveless look even when it's barely 65 degrees.

  • Lea Adams
    Lea Adams

    Shorts Guy

    Admittedly in New England this guy can show up anytime of year.

    But as things start to thaw out, he is much more likely to make an appearance. And as the temperatures creep towards 60, you know you're going to see shorts guy somewhere.

  • TSM Media Center/BlueOrange Studio
    TSM Media Center/BlueOrange Studio

    Flip Flop Chicks

    Sunny, spring-like days are perfect for showing off pedicures...and flip flop chicks will be doing just that!

    Though they may not be hitting a beach just yet, you will probably see some flip flops out and about on the Southcoast as things are warming up.

  • blyjak

    Ladies Who Power Walk

    These warmer weather lovers will probably be spotted around noontime. This is the perfect time of day to get together with a co-worker or two and get out of the office.

    You can't miss these rare nice winter days being cooped up inside, so these power walking ladies get their fresh air and exercise while the sun shines down.

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    Windows Down, Music Up Guy

    You'll most likely spot this guy (or hear this guy) while you're waiting at a red light somewhere.

    He'll be the guy with all his windows down and his music turned up and chances are the bass blaring.

    Just hope you like what he's listening to!

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