You'll be surprised how fortunate we are to live in a great community such as the Southcoast.

There are inventions in this world that you would have NEVER guessed were created locally.

Here's a list of a few of them:

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    "The Swingsafe" (2015)


    Have a kid? Does your kid constantly fall off the swing like local inventor Stephanie Slattery? Then perhaps the Swingsafe is the perfect item for you! It clips and locks on the swing, preventing your baby or child from falling backwards. Swing away, kid.... swing away.

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    The "Forget-Me-Not" Car Seat (2015)

    Sue Rogers, a local from New Bedford, created a car seat that would sound off an alarm once you exit the drivers seat... alerting the parent or guardian that there is still a child left in the car seat. The alarm can then be turned off by using a special key. Many incidents where kids are forgotten about has caused deaths. That's where the power of the "Forget-Me-Not" seat comes to play. Good job, Rogers!

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    The Yo-Yo "Yomega Brain" (1984)


    As a kid in the 80's and 90's, if you had a yo-yo... you were a cool kid, but if you had a Yomega yo-yo with a "brain" (a clutch system that allowed the yo-yo to 'sleep' or spin on demand. A professional yo-yo'er could control the rotation and sleep of the yo-yo with the help of the 'brain'). Fortunately, this so called "Brain" was developed right here in our backyard at the Yomega Corp in Fall River, MA!

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    The Portable Pencil Sharpener (1897)


    Fall River Native, John Love Lee, got it right when he invented the portable pencil sharpener. No more interrupting class to use the noisy/clanky/grinding mounted pencil sharpener. We can all thank Mr. Lee for this one.

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    Wheeled Luggage (1970's)


    Let's face it, NOBODY likes lugging around heavy luggage through secuirty checkpoints and bag-check lines... Well, thanks to Mr. Bernard Sadow of New Bedford, we can all rest a little easier. No baggage attached. Well... Sort of.

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