My friends are great parents.  They're raising two girls (10 and 7 years old) and have a son who just turned 3.  Here's the problem.  They can't get him to stop dropping the f-bomb. The more they try to get him to stop, the more he says it. The little boy's mom told me "Aaaahh! I take back all the laughing I did at my friends who have boys back when I only had 2 girls. For the record, I also blame my husband!"

Apparently, the little guy has somehow, someway gotten into the habit of calling his mom a "F---Head" LOUDLY in public. She's says, "It's like it's slow motion, when everyone looks at you to see how you react. I sort of ignore him and give him a "where's your mother?" look as if I am the babysitter or something. No idea the proper response, because my natural reaction is wanting to say, "No, you're a f-head..." Ah, good times!"

What about time outs? "Timeouts are usually when he says it the most. He sits on the stairs in timeout kicking the wall and saying, "fu--, fu--, fu--……" It's hard not to laugh but it is also hard not to cry."

We all had a good laugh about it this morning...and some listeners called in with some advice.

If you have any ideas...please leave your comment below. I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

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