Has high-priced airline tickets been preventing you from taking your dream vacation?

Maybe you should follow Ben Schlappig.

For more than a year, the 25-year-old has been traveling around the world for free!

That’s right, Ben Schlappig is traveling the world for free.

According to Yahoo News, Ben is part of a group called Hobbyists, and has managed to outsmart airlines, frequent flyer programs and rewards programs, allowing him to travel constantly at no cost.

Ben has been traveling the world ever since he was a teenager after he discovered the Hobby website FlyerTalk. Ben started traveling in first class at a low cost after discovering the Hobby website FlyerTalk. He then spent his weekends traveling across the country.

By the age of 17, Ben traveled 500,000 miles, and he was the first known member of the group to fly across the Pacific Ocean six times in one trip.

Ben also runs a blog called “One Mile at a Time,” which you can learn more about his traveling experiences.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez