Move over Hollywood, you’re not the only one who is famous. It turns out that the SouthCoast has been the birthplace for some celebrities and a destination spot for others.

In the summertime, you never know who you’ll see roaming the streets of Wareham or vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard or escaping to Cape Cod. But what about the off season?

While, at times, it’s hard to imagine that not every celebrity grew up in Tinseltown, many of them started their lives just like us, whether it was in downtown New Bedford or on a quaint street in Mattapoisett.

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Lately, the SouthCoast has been a hotbed for film production, ushering in A-Listers like Charlie Hunnam and Leonardo DiCaprio. Imagine running into those dreamboats in the produce section of Market Basket? I would be open to it, but the truth is you have a better chance of running into people like Emeril Lagasse or Geena Davis, who proudly call the SouthCoast home.

If you’re from around here, you know the name Lizzie Borden, but what about the other celebrities that have called this area home? Did you know David Duchovny used to reside in a summer home in Dartmouth? What about James Spader and how he partly grew up in Marion? You’ll be surprised to find that some iconic celebrities walk the same streets as us.

Some of these celebrities have moved on and moved out, but some continue living their modest lifestyle just a few doors down from us.

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Move over Hollywood, you're not the only town that breeds stars. We've compiled a list of some famous people that either are native to the SouthCoast, or eventually called it home.

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