The pressure of playing well in the World Cup has got to be huge, but for many teams there isn't much release from that pressure. Lots of coaches have set up sex rules for their teams...and some are just kind of weird.

Although science has shown that sex can actually help athletic performance many coaches of World Cup teams aren't interested in that science. Although every team is different, some coaches have in fact enacted sex bans for their players.

So who can and who can't?

According to Time magazine players for Germany, Spain, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay and England can get it on while they are in Brazil.

Whereas players for Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and Chile cannot.

Other teams have stranger rules...

Team France says players can have sex, but not all night, Brazil allows players to have sex, but not "acrobatic" sex, Costa Rica players can't have sex until they reach the second round and perhaps the weirdest...players for Nigeria can have sex with their wives, but not girlfriends.

The rest of the teams have unknown sex rules, which means ladies we have no idea if Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal is getting any or not.