It's no secret. If you are getting married, the sooner you lock up those desired wedding vendors, the better.

If you pick a Friday night or a Sunday wedding, you'll have some more wiggle room, but if you are looking for the more popular Saturday wedding, you'll want to move a little quicker. There are only a finite number of Saturdays in the wedding season, and the best vendors tend to get scooped up early in the game.

I've been a DJ in the wedding industry for years and years, and I'm seeing one particular date in 2020 that seems to be more popular than I've ever seen in my career.

There is no doubt about it: the most popular wedding date this year will certainly be October 10, 2020.

The date falls on a Saturday, and fall weddings are becoming more and more popular in New England. October weddings are even more popular than June weddings these days.

So, what is the draw to the October 10 date this year? It seems that couples are liking the coolness of a 10-10-20 date. I'm not going to lie, that seems like a very easy date to remember later on when you're trying to remember your anniversary.

If you are eyeing the 10th of October as your wedding date this year, you have to be VERY aggressive about booking your wedding vendors – more so than ever before.

No matter what your wedding date, make plans to attend the Fun 107 Wedding Show. It's coming up on January 26 at White's of Westport. Find out about how you can get in early for our VIP hour by clicking the blue button below:

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