When the New England Patriots build up their "High Hopes" with Panic at the Disco, magic happens.

Another AFC Championship has come and gone for New England fans, once again waiting anxiously for another chance at taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. With these facts in mind, there's no better way to celebrate a sweet victory by the Patriots than with an anthem:

Are you hyped up yet?

What a run it's been for Tom Brady and his talented crew. First the Chargers, then the Chiefs and now onto Superbowl LIII against the L.A. Rams. The big game will take place on Sunday, February 3 at the impressively stunning Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Atlanta Falcons, remember those fellas?).

With one game away from the ultimate championship, there's only one way to amp up the energy and get hyped and that's with the 2018 AFC Championship anthem constructed by yours truly. Enjoy!


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