TSM/Loren Petisce

It's good to know the right person or have the hook-up when it comes to certain things in life. I just so happen to know someone who works as a videographer for the New England Patriots football team. When the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks earlier this year, he was given a personalized/engraved Super Bowl Ring just for being  part of the staff. Knowing that Michael Rock is a HUGE Patriots fan, I had a feeling that he would want to check this out. This 205 diamond crested spectacle of crafted epic-ness cashes in at $37,500!  Needless to say, Loren Petisce and just about everyone else in the studio was eager to take a selfie with it to flaunt on their social media. So in the words of Rock, as he snaps a quick selfie with ring on finger.... "Bam! Deflate THIS!"