Do you love your beard? Here are some fun facts you should know about your scruff!

@beardedlifestyle via Instagram
@beardedlifestyle via Instagram
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@elyaferrin via Instagram
TSM/ Greg Desrosiers
TSM/ Greg Desrosiers
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TSM/ Gazelle

Additional Reporting By Sara Achorn

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    The Beard is Back!

    Beards are back and everyone is loving them, most everyone anyways...

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    Believe it or not, his is the fear of beards. If you have this, you might not want to get to close to our bearded friends.

  • 3


    The CIA once tried to ruin Fidel Castro's image by making his beard fall off.  Yes they did.

  • 4

    Golden Beards

    Back in Ancient Egypt dying you beard was all the rage!

  • 5

    Top of the food chain

    Beards have been known to increase social status and seeing as a lot of women love them, your dating life may increase too!

  • 6

    Daytime Vs. Nighttime

    Beards grow faster during the day than at night.

  • 7

    Beards love beer

    If you drink an average amount of beer, your average mustache can trap up to a pint and a half of beer.  Eww.

  • 8

    if you love your beard

    i wouldn't consider becoming an amateur boxer, those guys can't have them because they need to be able to see any jaw injuries.

  • 9

    Middle Ages

    During the middle ages, if one man touched another man's beard it would result in a dual.

  • 10

    Mourning a death

    Most men tend to shave their beard when a family/friend passes away, in ancient Rome it's the complete opposite!

  • 11


    Grow a beard and you'll have no problem! Beards are known to protect you from pollen and dust.

  • 12

    Don't like shaving?

    if you never shaved your beard, it would grow out to be 27 feet long!

  • 13

    Bathroom time

    if you shave regularly you probably spend 3,350 hours of your life in the bathroom.

  • 14

    Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great was completely against having men with beards in his army.

  • 15

    Royal Messages

    Men would usually put single strands of beard hair in wax seals for royal letters.

  • 16


    Beards protect your face from UV rays and keep you from getting wrinkly!

  • 17

    Beard Tax

    For a long time you had to pay a tax to keep a beard.

  • 18

    Honest Abe

    An 11 year old girl is the one who convinced Abe to grow is legendary beard

  • 19

    Female Beards

    The longest female beard ever recorded was 30 cm long!

  • 20

    Beard length

    Men's beards tend to grow faster when they have not been with another person in a long time.

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