Here are 15 things you'll never hear in Fall River.

1. This new pay as you throw trash system ROCKS!


2. I miss the Harbor Mall.

3.Can’t wait to go for a swim in the Taunton River.

4. Can’t find a bakery anywhere around here.

5. "We’ll try"…best slogan eva!

6. Those Portuguese Kids just aren’t funny.

7. We’re not a fan of the fire fighters here.

8. This Fall River’s Children’s Holiday Parade is a real downer.

9. Let’s paint the Braga Bridge...AGAIN!

10. Ugh…the Highlands…GROSS!

11. Nobody really cares if Durfee beats New Bedford in long as everyone has fun.

12. I’m losing weight on Emeril Lagasse recipes.

13. WOW! This Route 79 construction is FLYING!

14. Stevie B SUCKS.

15. Fall River? Better than New Bedford? Ridiculous