It's more than likely that your grocery shopping this weekend will be all about your Thanksgiving feast.  To make sure you keep it very "New England Style," here is the list of "must have" dishes for your Turkey Day dinner.

-Turkey.  It's the star of the day.

-Mashed Potatoes.  Big and fluffy.

-Stuffing.  Many people actually say this is the favorite of their meal.

-Cranberry Sauce.  Of course it has to be Ocean Spray,

-Turkey Gravy.  Nice and hot for those fluffy mashed potatoes.

-Sweet Potatoes.  Many consider this a must for the holiday meal.

-Butternut Squash.  Another classic dish for Thanksgiving.

-Dinner Rolls.  They have to be the soft ones.

-Green Bean Casserole.  Another classic Thanksgiving dish.

-Chourico.  Odds are one or more of your guests will expect this on the table.

-Fish Stew.  This is New England.

-Pumpkin Pie.  Homemade if at all possible.

-Apple Pie.   Some of us are pumpkined-out after October.


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