We kick off a brand new contest on Monday morning. All day, every day for the next few weeks we'll be giving away THOUSANDS in Fun 107 Visa gift cards. They're all in the amount of $250 a pop, but we are asking you to make a commitment: please promise to spend the $250 on a locally-owned SouthCoast business.

After all these past few months of the governor's stay-at-home orders and the closing of all non-essential businesses, there are a number of SouthCoast businesses that are going to be opening up for the first time since this pandemic really took hold in the Commonwealth, and they could really use your help by spending your money (and your Fun 107 Visa gift card) right here locally.

To enter to win your $250 Fun 107 Visa gift card, just record a message telling us about the SouthCoast business you pledge to spend the money. Open up the Fun 107 app, then hit the "Send Audio/Video" button and tell us how you'll use the gift card.

With all of the great SouthCoast businesses out there, here are some ideas for how to spend that $250 locally:

How to Spend Your $250 Fun 107 Visa Gift Card on the SouthCoast

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