The irony of me writing this article is that I am the guy who always waits until February 14 to think, "What should I give my wife for Valentine's Day?"

I'm the guy picking through the remaining scraps of cards at CVS. I'm the guy calling restaurants all over the SouthCoast at 3 p.m. on Valentine's Day looking to book a reservation.

Unfortunately, as I sit and write this, I know for certain that I won't follow any of my own advice.

That being said, I think I've really hit it out of the park here for some legit solid ideas to show your Valentine that you really care. The nice part about the list that will follow below is that there are ideas for all different kinds of budgets, ranging from $1,000 or more to free (or very close to free).

What I also like about this list is that these are not "things" to buy. Things, as we all know, come and go. Memories and experiences will be carried with us for the rest of our lives (if they are thoughtful enough).

If you read through this list of ideas, please feel free to leave a comment and share some ideas of your own. You can leave an idea for a Valentine's Day activity that you enjoyed with your loved one, or maybe it's a Valentine's Day activity that you've always hoped would be given to you by your Valentine.

SouthCoast Valentine's Day Ideas

Here's a list of SouthCoast things to do (on all types of budgets) to celebrate the one you love this Valentine's Day.

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