Are you single but finding it hard to find "Mr. or Ms. Perfect?" Can perfection really be found? Zoosk tells us you "can figure out what you like in a person by analyzing your behavior on the site," according to Time.

Unlike Match, eHarmony, OkCupid and AARP Dating which ask you to fill out a questionnaire and personality profile, Zoosk "relies more on user's actions to bring them together."  The online dating company introduces you to a "unique Behavioral Matchmaking technology" which "is constantly learning from the actions of over 25 million visible members in order to deliver better matches in real time," states Zoosk. In fact, "about 80 percent of someone's preference comes out in the first few interactions," reports Time.

Therefore, Zoosk has provided users with a varied approach to meeting strangers. In the article, "What's My Type?" published by Time, the user is able to view the "carousel of guys, a process of winking and sending digital gifts, a messaging service and a serch function." Wow! This way of "meet and greet" seems to take the fun out of the ritual of dating.

I have such fond memories of how my husband and I first met. Three of our close friends still argue today over who introduced us first! However, I wouldn't change how we began dating for the world. Everything about the experience was fun, exciting, as well as insightful, which are adjectives that you can't attribute to a website.

Therefore, does Zoosk gain a better understanding of you based on analyzing behavioral interactions rather than answering a  few questions? Paul Oyer, a labor economist at Stanford University and author of Everything I Ever Needed To Know about Economics I Learned From Online Dating, was interviewed by Time and states, "the jury is still out on behavioral matchmaking. The biggest impediment in all online dating is the dishonesty."

Let's face it, folks. Dishonesty can come in all shapes, sizes and places. It is what you do with the information that counts.Think about the many insights revealed to you from the online service. You may like men that are younger than yourself, men less handsome but who have a higher IQ or EQ than you previously thought, or you may find you have a more adventurous spirit than revealed to others. Whatever the case may be, take to heart that you now know more about yourself than you did before despite the format you used to assimilate the information. Now put yourself out there and find the right person for you!