2020 is here and with it, new music from Justin Bieber.

If you missed it Friday, Jackson played it as his "Wicked or Whack?" track. Give it a listen here.

Now, I already got the vibe this is a song straight from 2007 with a Chris Brown feel to it, and the video couldn't bring that idea more validation. Everything from the camera popping to the beat, the dance breaks at the end, the pink hair and matching clothes, how does it not scream a "Kiss Kiss" style of video?

Surprisingly, I even agree with a fair amount of the people on Jackson's post. Do I love the song? Is it catchy? Will it go number one? The answer to all of those is almost a guaranteed yes, but that doesn't mean it's not a tad generic.

With the teasers he dropped on YouTube stating how life has changed him so much, he's so serious about music and he could not wait to put out this new evolution of music, I'm a little let down with the song but have high hopes for the album itself.

For those who don't know, this certainly isn't the first time the Biebs has dropped this kind of an album with a sensual, R&B or hip hop feel. In 2013, he had a very similar style with an album called Journals that a vast majority of casual fans would never know existed, probably because he was at his peak, going to jail for like three minutes.

This song seems like a very fitting way to kick off the new decade with the adage "what's old is new again."

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