I bet you clicked on this because you wanted to find out where and when this was opening. We can definitely tell you where: 10 Ingell Street in Taunton.

When is going to be tough to tell you at the moment, seeing as it really depends on when the beer is ready.

The creator and owner of Berkley Brewing Company and the Taproom that is about to open in Taunton, Glenn Barboza, is hard at work brewing and creating the perfect taste and atmosphere.

After getting an invite from Sandra, their marketing person, to check out the space before they open to the public, we really think this brewery is set to be something so special.

Jackson/Townsquare Media

Glenn clearly has a divine passion for beer and creating an experience that is one of a kind. There were so many surprises and amazing stories behind the unique architecture. When you visit, ask about the wood used to make the bar. The story is so cool!

Now, of course, we tasted the goods. I have always been an ale or an IPA kind of guy; however, I loved the Imperial Stout the best. Really, though, all of them were so delicious. I really couldn't tell you what to not get because all of them were so good!

Jackson/Townsquare Media

The food wasn't available but just looking at the menu, our mouths were watering. The menu was set to pair with the beer and in some instances uses some of the grains left from brewing the beer in the actual recipe.

Jackson/Townsquare Media

So, back to when is this spot opening? It really is all depending on when the beer is ready. It's a delicate balance right now but Glenn wants it just right. Our fingers are crossed that it will only be a week or two before they get us back in for a soft opening. We will keep you posted and you can always check out their Facebook page for updates.