We don't practice Santeria, we don't got no crystal ball, but we do have everything you need to know when Badfish comes to Running Brook Vineyard Sept. 23rd

Vroom, Vroom! Where to Park:

Parking will be simple and on site. There will be parking attendants on site helping you find a spot at Running Brook Vineyard. WARNING: YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARK UNTIL THE BREWS AND BBQ CROWD HAS LEFT THE VENUE. 

We don't want you going to Wrong Way, so here's directions to Running Brook Vineyard in Dartmouth

What to Wear:

Your best flannel shirts and acid washed jeans will work, but please remember we're no longer in the warmth of summertime. Once the sun sets you may want to think of packing a spare jacket or blanket to keep warm.

Also, the venue is outdoors near some forestland. With that being said, if you are the type of person who becomes best friends with mosquitoes, it'll be best to pack some bug spray.

What to Bring (and What NOT To Bring):

We know you're onto 40 oz. To Freedom, so bring some cash to spend on beer and wine on site. THERE WILL BE NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES ALLOWED ON SITE. Also, as sad as it is to say, there will be no pets allowed in the venue, even Lou Dog. Feel free to bring your camping chairs and portable picnic tables and make the most out of your night.


A good time is What I've Got, but only for those who have their ID's and tickets ready at the door

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