There are millions of dollars unaccounted for in Massachusetts every year, and you could have your share that you don't know about.

Ten percent of residents in this state have money in their name they either don't know about or have completely forgotten about. I know, how do you forget you have or are owed money? Well, it happens.

I went to the website myself, typed in some of my basic info and sure enough, I have what they call unclaimed assets that I am entitled to. For me, the money is from a pyramid-type business that I opted into for a quick minute a few years ago but then decided I did not want to participate in. As soon as I saw the company's name, it dawned on me that I never did completely exit that pyramid business. I'm not sure exactly how much money I'll be getting, but I will be receiving it.

Other reasons would be an abandoned bank account, insurance money owed, or maybe you overpaid on something you are unaware of. At any rate, it can't hurt to check and see (like I did). You never know, and wouldn't it be awesome to find out you've got money owed to you? Heck yeah, it would! to start the process.

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