Yoga apparel making a big impact in new location, Fall River!

Reported from Heraldnews, YOGASMOGA will be manufacturing in Fall River. The yoga apparel is made only in the U.S. The product was developed in California and is now being produced at Griffin Manufacturing, 502 Bedford St. There will also be a second site in Lawrence.

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CEO Rishi Bali said "We're very committed to Massachusetts and its history of manufacturing textiles and apparel". Bali was drawn to the highly skilled garment workers in Fall River since 2013 when he was starting his yoga line.

Rich Bali is a native from India. He was determined to create a yoga line that would follow the tenants of yoga. The company's website states: "Staying true to the spirit of Yoga, everything we create intends to balance the joy of life with the energy required to live it."

This commitment is played out in the quality of the products. The manufacturing is done in America and workers are earning a fair wage. Also, the company gives back to the community and those who are in need through YOGASMOGA'S Namaskar Foundation. Six employees at Griffin Manufacturing are provided with a $1,000 scholarship for their children's education.

The athletic wear is trademarked technology and is made from pill-resistant fabric Aurum and Carbon 6. The fabric is also not dyed overseas in China. They are also not dyed using formaldehyde.

YOGASMOGA is sold through the company's website and in high end areas like; Manhattan, Beverly Hills and Greenwich, Connecticut. Products such as the reversible pullover costs $200 and leggings range from $96 to $130. Their customers are willing to pay a higher price for the apparel because the quality is so good.

Bali plans to open two dozen stores within the next year. He also wants to include a store in Boston. He wants to "grow and create more jobs in the state".

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino