Rockport High School recently banned yoga pants and leggings and the parents and students are not happy about it. School officials began enforcing the dress code policy which states that students are not allowed to wear offensive pants and they should not be baggy or tight. The ban was put in place because school officials found the pants "distracting" and not acceptable in the classroom environment.

School officials have since decided to be a bit more lax about the dress code policy regarding the yoga pants and legging until the committee makes amends to it, according to Yahoo.

I don't know what I would do if I could not wear my yoga pants or leggings to work. They are so comfortable but I have noticed that guys do tend to check out women more when they wear tight fitting bottoms. I actually found a funny video on YouTube of a California man who put on a pair of leggings and pretended to be doing something in his car trunk while in a public parking lot just to see who would check him out. He even called out several men for staring at his derriere.

I can see how some find the pants to be distracting but if they are work with a long enough shirt or sweater there is nothing wrong with them. I embrace my yoga pants and I know I'm not alone on this one.

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