What's the difference between Red Sox fans and Yankee fans?  Here's one.

When future Hall of Famer Mariano Riveira visited Fenway Park during his retirement year, the Red Sox fans...who are greatly made up of fans of baseball, rightly honored one of the best closers of all time with a standing ovation. It was well deserved. It was classy.

Fast forward three years to Big Papi's final year in the big leagues. He's being warmly received in ball parks across America. Just last night, the Baltimore Orioles jokingly gave him the dugout phone that the slugger destroyed in a fit of rage years ago. It was funny. Papi loved the tribute.

However, a contingent of Yankees fans are having trouble mustering the same level of class that was afforded to Mariano Riveira. There is a movement to moon David Ortiz during his final game in the Bronx. MoonBigPapi.com is encouraging as many Yankee fans to do as possible because "If ten people Moon Big Papi, they'll be arrested. If ten thousand people Moon Big Papi, they'll tell their grandchildren they were there." Way to keep it classy, New York. File under #NotSurprised.

Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn

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