There's nothing worse than forgetting something valuable or important at home.

After the infamous "Blizzard Bomb" of New England had passed, it's safe to say the roads were quite treacherous in the aftermath, making long distance drives stressful and unsafe.

The spin cycle studio I enjoy going to is based out of Tiverton and unfortunately, I'm currently residing in Acushnet. The drive itself is about 30 minutes, but adding the snow covered/iced over roads makes it a solid 40 minutes. So, I took my time and eventually made it safely to the Tiverton headquarters, just in time for my caffeinated pre-workout to kick in... and that's when the worst occurred.

As I looked into the backseat of my truck, I noticed my shoes weren't in there usual spot, so I started to panic. After searching for a good 10 minutes, I then came to the realization that I had left my shoes at home, making the trip to spin class a complete waste of time and the instructor was about to begin, so back to Acushnet I went.

I will tell you this... I was NOT happy about my current situation as I huffed and puffed my way back onto 195 East and began thinking to myself... "what would Jesus do?" if he was in my shoes (no pun intended).


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