This Saturday is December 7th, the day Japan bombed Hawaii in 1941 and killed 3000 Americans. It seems so far away yet one local man is completely connected to this. He exacted his revenge. I'm a man who realizes what generations before us had to endure so we could have the world we live in today. This local man is not only a war hero, but he is also very generous.

Tony Enos, who was on a submarine that sank 14 Japanese ships during WWII, is donating a 2,800-pound piece of memorabilia — a torpedo — to the Fort Taber-Fort Rodman Military Museum according to Southcoast Today. Enos, who will turn 90 in May, wants visitors to the museum to learn from the torpedo even if it hurts him to part with it.


Dennis B. Hudon, president of N.C. Hudon, Inc. Crane and Rigging of New Bedford, has agreed to fix the holes in the torpedo, sandblast it, remove the dents and waterproof it for free. The restoration should be complete sometime in the next three to four weeks.

The torpedo brings back a boat load of wartime memories for the 90 year old. He was drafted at 18 out of New Bedford, he went into the Navy a year later and served three years aboard the USS Sea Lion II and 15 months in the war zone. Remember to thank a veteran and give a helping hand during the holidays.