A lot of museums have some art that features nudity. We all know that, but would you go see naked art while YOU'RE naked too?!

I mean for me that's a hard pass. I'm not a big art museum guy to begin with, so I'm definitely not trying to roam around with a bunch of nakey people. It just seems like a bit much.

According to the Washington Post, it is a real thing though. It's in Paris (such a Paris thing to do). The Palais du Tokyo museum is letting visitors rock nothing but their birthday suit when they come visit. The whole thing was set up to occur before the museum opened up to the rest of the public. That way fully clothed patrons didn't awkwardly walk into something they were definitely not ready for.

I guess there's some growing nudist community out there. They've got nudist restaurants and parks out there too!

Don't mind if I decide to stick with all the fully clothed activities.


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