WORCESTER (WBSM) — Bears have been spotted in Massachusetts, which is another reminder to be cautious when outside, especially near wooded areas.

Massachusetts State Police reported that on Tuesday, April 30 at around 8:15 a.m., troopers received a call about a bear spotting in Worcester. Officers said the bear was seen standing in the middle of Mckeon Road on Route 146.

Animal control arrived soon after and was able to help troopers contain the bear while setting up a perimeter at the location.

Massachusetts State Police via Facebook
Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

According to police, the bear was eventually moved away from major roadways after being tranquilized. Fortunately, the bear was uninjured and was released soon after waking up.

Last year, black bears were spotted in SouthCoast communities such as New Bedford, Fall River, Dartmouth, Acushnet and Wareham.

As the warmer weather continues to rise, these animals are likely to make even more of an appearance in public places.

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Although there has been an increase in bear activity since last summer, Dave Wattles, Black Bear & Furbearer Biologist for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, told WBSM that he anticipates that cubs born in the previous winter will begin dispersing from their moms this summer, many of which will most likely be male.

While we can't control bear sightings, we can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted encounters by being mindful of accessible food sources.

Massachusetts State Police via Facebook
Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

Limiting easy access in our communities and businesses, we can help prevent future conflicts. Removing bird feeders from yards and securing beehives, chickens and livestock can also discourage surprise sightings of bears.

Remember, if a bear is spotted in neighborhoods, communities or public spaces, it is not a public threat. Bears, even though they can be predatory and dangerous, are more likely to be shy in the presence of humans.

MassWildlife has some helpful tips available if you ever encounter a bear on a walk or see one snooping around in your backyard.

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