Seoul, South Korea has developed a plan to make their city more "female-friendly", starting with changing up their parking lots. Pink parking spaces that have been made longer and wider have begun showing up around the city. WCVB, has reported that this is all part of a $700 million dollar initiative to create a more "female-friendly" city.

Other changes to the city include women's only toilets and sidewalks made from a squishier material to make walking around in high heels safer and more comfortable.

I'm on board with the new sidewalks for heels (great idea!) but the pink parking spots really don't sit well with me. Parking spaces shouldn't be determined by gender, and driving skill most certainly has nothing to do with being a male or female.  As a woman, I don't need a different sized spot to park my car.  I'm perfectly capable of parking in a normal spot, just like a man, and honestly, I find the larger pink spot idea to be sexist and pretty insulting.

I specifically remember a time when I had my husband's large SUV for the day, and had to park it in a tiny spot in Providence.  No, it wasn't as easy as parking my little sedan, but I parallel parked that sucker into that tiny spot like a champ, and on one try!  So, take that South Korea, women can do anything that men can do!

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