"Paging Dr. Dolphin to Maturity" sounds like a sitcom title, but it now appears that dolphins can actually help in delivering a human child. According to the Charlotte Observer,  Adam Barringer, 29, and his pregnant wife Heather, 27, boarded a plane for Hawaii. The trip is in the hopes of welcoming their baby Bodhi into the world during a dolphin-assisted birth in Pohoa, Hawaii.


The expecting parents will stay and study with Star Newland, founder of The Sirius Institute, a consortium with the purpose of “dolphinizing” the planet.

The couple will spend time in the water, forming a connection with a dolphin pod they hope will bond with them and ultimately their newborn.

“It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can coexist in this world together and learn from one another,” says Heather.

Good luck to you and your dolphin friends!

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